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Meet Westchester: Brieff Studios – Jeff Dietz and Gabrielle Burger

This month’s #MeetWestchester features two local artists and business owners creating opportunities for the community and local artists to try something new, sharpen their skills, and meet new people. Together, they are working to make art more accessible, not just to artists, but everyone!

Jeff Dietz and Gabrielle Burger, Tarrytown

Q: How long a resident?:

JDGB: One and a half years in Tarrytown.

Q: Occupation/Hobby/Business/Practice?

JDGB: Jeff is a photographer and Gabrielle is a graphic and web designer. Together we created Brieff Studios for our collaborative art projects. This has included monthly “Drink & Draw” life drawing events, a public art installation in Haverstraw, another project that is in the works for Riverkeeper Nonprofit, and organizing Tarrytown’s first Open Studios event in conjunction with RiverArts Organization.

Q: Favorite arts/cultural attraction or event in Westchester County?

JDGB: Recently we have been huge fans of the Pros(e) Of Pie story telling and pie baking events in Westchester. Our friends across the county in the New Rochelle Arts Collective put on great art events. We also really enjoy going to art openings at Urban Studio Unbound in Yonkers. It’s so inspiring for us to meet new local artists in the county.

Q: Favorite thing/activity/event to do on your downtime?

JDGB: Lately we haven’t had much down time, but most of it is spent working on personal art projects, promoting Tarrytown Drink & Draw, and attending other art events in Westchester and the city. There are so many terrific artistic communities in Westchester, it’s easy to stay busy almost every weekend.

Q: Where/How have you found your community?

JDGB: It has been a somewhat slow and fast process at the same time. Since starting Tarrytown Drink & Draw, we have met so many people who helped us make other connections that led to more opportunities in the art community. Simply showing up to art events all over the county is the best way to foster an artistic community.

Q: I do not take for granted (about your lifestyle here in Westchester):

JDGB: How close we are to pretty much anything and everything. We spend our time pretty equally in the city and in the country. We love to hike and explore further upstate as well as soak up the big city. It’s pretty amazing to realize that in one direction you have the biggest city in the country and in the other direction there are mountains to hike and long winding roads to drive and explore.

Q: Something fun/interesting about Westchester that readers may not know about?

JDGB: That you don’t have to go into the city to find great art. It’s right here in your back yard and all you have to do is show up.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share that is not listed?

JDGB: You can find out about our monthly drink and draw events at and our individual works at and We are producing one part of Tarrytown’s Open Studios April 22 and 23 on the second floor of the Tarrytown Music Hall right on Main Street.